On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Bruce A. Myers wrote:

> Many have argued, on this list and elsewhere, that SI has done a poor job
> of accounting for motivation when making claims of effectiveness.  I
> don't believe that to be true.  SI does not claim that non-motivated
> students will do better than motivated students given SI.  That is
> ridiculous!
> What SI says is this, given a population that is similar to begin with
> <Bassd on GPA, placement tests, pre-req, etc..) SI can help a student
> increase his or her performance if the student participates in the
> program.  Who is going to participate?  The motivated.  The point is
> this--where would that motivated student have gone if SI was not there?
> SI claims to be an effective outlet for that student.  I view it as my
> job to motivate the students to attend.
> On a somewhat related topic.  We recently completed an SI pilot in a
> College Algebra course.  Our results were consistent with the national
> results in that our SI participants performed at about one-half letter
> grade higher than non-participants.  Tutoring was also available for
> that course so I was interested in comparing the students that attended
> SI with the students that attended SI and also received tutoring.  I was
> a little surprised to find that the SI+tutoring group performed lower
> than the SI alone group.  I am working with a small sample size so it is
> difficult to draw any conclusions.  The SI+tutoring group had a lower
> average math placement score than the SI only group.  I suspect
> therefore, that the SI+tutoring group was in need of the extra boost.
> Both groups performed higher than the group which received no tutoring
> or SI (only four students received tutoring without SI).
> I am curious if any of you have experienced a similar result, and if so,
> how you interpreted the result.

You mentioned almost everything in your study except how the tutoring-only
students scored.  Was this because there was so small a sample?  I'd be
interested in that comparison as well.  I've been following the SI
discussion, but haven't (until now) butted in because I don't know enough
about the SI philosophy to avoid sticking my foot in my mouth!  I do,
however, agree that BOTH SI and tutoring (and whatever else it takes)
ought to be readily available to students, and that a way has to be found
to address not only the motivated student but the unmotivated one as well!

Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.  Now I won't feel like such
a nimno when someone mentions SI!

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