>Fellow LRNASSTers,
>If you are planning to attend the CRLA Conference in Sacramento (Oct.
>22-26), would you like to get together for dinner?  It would be a nice
>way to attach the faces to the names.  I spoke with Kathy Carpenter,
>CRLA Pres. Elect and Conf. Chair, and she asked me to coordinate a
>dinner.  The best (only) time is Thursday, Oct. 23 after the Newcomer's
>I'm happy to work on this IF there is interest.  I have a restaurant in
>mind - inexpensive, good, and very close to the hotel, and I will call
>the manager to see if we can get a room  . . . if you are interested.
>Please let me know if you are (tentatively) interested.
>Lonna Smith

Dear Lonna,

I would love to get together for dinner.  I would especially like to meet,
Richard D. and  Peggy Keller.  I always enjoy reading what they have to
share along with the other members of the list serve.

Count me in!


Valerie Smith Stephens

Valerie Smith Stephens
Director, Camden Learning Resource Center
Rutgers University, Camden Campus

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