On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, KIMBERLY FATH wrote:

>   I'm certain this has been discussed before but I have to ask....
>   1) Does your institution assess students' reading skills?
        Yes, students entering our trades programs and some career
        have a reading skills assessment as well as anyone who comes to
        our department. (Academic and Career Preparation formerly known as
        Adult Basic Education.)

>   2) Who is assessed? (freshmen, transfers, adults, special programs?)

        Everyone applying to the above.
>   3) What instrument do you use?  Does it meet your needs?

        The CAAT Level C is used for general testing.  It does give us an
        idea of reading problems, but like all standardized tests is not
>   4) If a student "fails" the "test"  what happens?  Is the response mandatory or
>      optional?

        Anyone who "fails" is sent to our department where they are
        assessed to determine the cause of their reading problem - weak
        vocabulary, phonemic awareness problems.
>   5) What types of responses do you have on your campus?  classes, short term
>      workshops, CAI, tutoring, etc.?

        Tutoring, CAI, learning workshops, our department.
>   6) Where are these responses housed? Academic support, academic department,
>      other?

        In the learning support services department which is in the
        counselling department.
>   7) Are you a four year institution?

        We have a few degree courses.
>   8) Any professional or personal thoughts about reading competencies at the
>      college level?

        Some of our students do not have the necessary reading
        competencies and do have Grade 12.
>   Thank you
>   Kim Fath
>   Saint Xavier University
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