Yes, I think dinner is a great idea.  Keep me posted.  Linda Maitland

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        Subject:  Re: LRNASST Dinner at CRLA

        I am interested.  What a good idea.

        Janet Maker

        Lonna Smith wrote:
        > Fellow LRNASSTers,
        > If you are planning to attend the CRLA Conference in
Sacramento (Oct.
        > 22-26), would you like to get together for dinner?  It would
be a nice
        > way to attach the faces to the names.  I spoke with Kathy
        > CRLA Pres. Elect and Conf. Chair, and she asked me to
coordinate a
        > dinner.  The best (only) time is Thursday, Oct. 23 after the
        > Reception.
        > I'm happy to work on this IF there is interest.  I have a
restaurant in
        > mind - inexpensive, good, and very close to the hotel, and I
will call
        > the manager to see if we can get a room  . . . if you are
        > Please let me know if you are (tentatively) interested.
        > Lonna Smith