It is interesting how parents can be very proud of their children for
going on to college, and yet not have a clear idea of what that means or
what to do with it.

My parents, while very proud that all their children have college degrees,
respond to questions about my whereabouts in what I consider a unique
fashion:  they sort of shake their heads and say, "Well, she's still at
Oregon State."  Since most of my parents' friends know I started as an
undergrad at Oregon State in (gasp!) 1974 (!), they mostly just sigh and
commiserate with my parents for having what is obviously a very s-l-o-w
learner! Of course, my parents aren't about to go on to say that I am a
professor at OSU!  Heavens no!  That would be going out of their way to

Oh well, I just have to remember to look appropriately humble and
embarassed when visiting people back home.

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