At our community college, all peer tutors are paid minimum wage.  This makes it extremely difficult to keep good tutors.  They often will go work elsewhere, or tutor privately, which can be much more lucritive.  Faculty Tutors are paid $10.00/hr.

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I've enjoyed the discussion of tutor salaries.  I'm also glad that my =
tutors do not know of the salaries paid at other institutions.

Our tutors are mostly undergraduate and are paid through a Title III =
grant.  When the grant was written, there was a salary increase written =
in for each year but since the minimum wage has increased, instead of an =
increase, the tutors have been cut back as far as the number I can =
employ.  We pay minimum wage for all tutors who are undergraduates.  I =
also have two graduate assistants who work 20 hours per week each at =
$6.25 per hour.  The GA salary has not increased for at least six years.

I'm not sure if it is the fact of living in southwest New Mexico where =
jobs are extremely hard to find, but I know that none of the students =
complain about the salaries (at least to me).  I have asked if we could =
give our returning tutors a twenty-five cent an hour increase, but since =
the legislature cut the university budget by $800,000, I doubt this will =

Is there anyone else paying minimum wage?  The email message last week =
from a CA school listed a salary for a tutor that was higher than we pay =
an entering assistant professor with a doctorate.  Where do state =
institutions get the money to pay such high salaries in their learning =
centers? =20

Nancy Picthall-French
Western New Mexico University