Dear Friends,

A draft version of the Annotated Supplemental Instruction Bibliography has
been posted to the SI homepage.  It has about 320 citations.  The print
version of the document is 90 pages.  It is a fairly large file (320 KB).

I appreciate the contributions by many people for addition and revision of
the draft document.  It is a work-in-progress.

If we have overlooked any citations, it is only by accident.  Please send
any additional citations to me so that they can be added to it.  If you
would like to suggest different or revised language for the annotation,
please forward that to me as well.  When possible I tried to use summary
statements provided by the authors.  As I shared in an earlier message, if
you can find any new citations -- whether by yourself or another -- I will
be happy to send you a print version of the document.

The SI annotated bibliography document URL address is  The address for the
SI homepage is  There are about 100 other
articles available through the homepage concerning SI.

-- David

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