In our program at Abilene Christian University, tutor certification levels
(meaning more pay) are tied to training hours as well as experience. Tutors
are required to acquire at least 10 hours of training credit by the end of
their first full year of tutoring, or they cannot expect to be re-hired.
At least 7 of these 10 hours must be obtained through class attendance.
Other credit can be obtained by viewing programs in our set of training
videos (The Tutor's Guide) or reading from the training syllabus and
submitting a written report. I intend to add other options as opportunities
present themselves throughout the year. We start the year with a 2 1/2 hour
training session, and then offer classes about twice a week through the
first 8 weeks of the semester. Then we taper off on our class offerings,
since that is about the time they get really busy with meeting the
requirements of their own courses.

We schedule most of our classes either during the noon hour or from 5-6
p.m. I have one other full-time staff member who helps with the teaching
responsibilities, and we sometimes invite professors or other appropriate
presenters in. Our attendance is not always 100%, but generally we have
good cooperation and attendance.

Hope this helps.


>Help!  What do you do to encourage tutors to attend tutor meetings?  I try
>to schedule them when most are free--usually around noon; they can bring
>their lunches and sometimes I will have some "treats," but there are
>always a few who cannot make it.  I have a fall tutor training workshop
>for three hours before classes begin and have always had a good
>attendance. However, some tutors don't make it to my monthly meetings
>- soon to be twice a month-(am I a glutton for punishment).  They are paid
>for the hours of meeting, but this does not seem to help.  If I make the
>meetings required instead of highly encouraged, what do I do if they don't
>attend?  We can't afford to let them go; we need them.  What do you do?
>Thanks for your help.
>Debbie Kimberlin
>Learning Center, EAB 117
>University of Nebraska at Omaha
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>Omaha, Nebraska 68182
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