Hallelujah! I deleted my response to Gary Probst before I sent it because I
thought I'd come off like a blooming idiot, but thank God for M. Maxwell.

Having completed my course work for a Ph.D. in English literature
specializing in 18th century literature (read long and tedious literature),
I know that reading slow can not inhibit everyone from reading what is

I never have been a "speed reader" but I have been a diligent reader.
Diligence pays off. All too often, I have met with students who attempt to
speed read but learn very little. What a shame!


At 03:32 PM 8/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Many years ago there was an Association for the Preservation of Slow
>Reading in NYC (Grenwich Village) promoted by authors ( Norman Mailer) wa=
>one of the promotors, I believe.) =
>Don't know whther it still exists. =
>However, my favorite line is =
>"If it's not worth reading, it's not worth reading slowly."
>Martha Maxwell =
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