A colleague and I attended a CareerTrack seminar on Time Management last
November, and it was a real eye-opener!  One of the exercises they had us
do was estimate how much time we spent in each of nine (I think) areas:
Work, Education, Relationships with family and friends,
Household chores, Spirituality, Money Management (bill paying and so on),
Self actualization (hobbies, etc), Sleep/health, and Leisure (TV, reading,
and so on) (I think that's all of them; just got back from vacation and my
brain is still on snooze!).  Once we had figured out how much of each
week's 168 hours we spend in each area, we converted the hours for each
area into decimals and created a pie chart of "the way things are now."
Finally, we asked ourselves "how we would like things to be in the future"
and created a pie chart, revising the number of hours devoted to each of
the major areas of life, so that our lives were more balanced and
enjoyable.  That's just one of the exercises we did which I think might
help students learn to manage their time more wisely and at the same time
get more done!  It sounds more complicated than it really is.  No one used
calculators, although you could as part of a math class!  This exercise
really allowed us to see where we were frittering time away.  (I'm an
inveterate fritterer, but at least now I'm more aware of how much time I
spend with my nose in a book!)

Hope this helps,

Peggy Keller
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On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Lynnett N Van Slyke wrote:

> Good Morning!
> I was wanted to know if anyone had any good internet sources for Time
> Management exercises.  I looked at the testing web page that was listed a
> few days ago and found some good personality/coping skills inventories,
> but no time/academic materials.
> Thanks
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