Lonna Smith wrote about my post:
>I respectfully disagree with his statement
>that ESL students should be isolated from native speakers.

If I said that, I didn't mean it--of course, no student should be
isolated--just the opposite:  exposure was one of my main points.  I do
think, however, that the majority of those I identify as ESL students need
(and want) a different kind of instruction from monodialectal native
speakers.  Any _group_ of students is isolated in this model only because
there are different courses of study.

Lonna also commented:
>BTW, I don't believe that student #1 needs any help.  If s/he speaks and
>writes SWE, why is it necessary to be able to identify all the names of

My College's English 100 is grammar and paragraph writing--mostly grammar.
It's an unfortunate course I can do nothing about (except teach and tutor).
I agree that the vast majority of students don't really need to learn the
names of all the verb tenses.  I didn't learn any of them (in English,
anyway) until after I had my Masters in English and started teaching ESL.

As a colleague of mine inadvertently wrote on a term paper handout:
"Grammer and spelling must be correct!!!"