Heidi --

For a pre- and post-test, I took a few paragraphs about the writing process
from a rhetoric textbook and introduced errors, of various kinds, into them.
I had my writing consultants individually edit the paragraphs; then, as a
group, we talked about the many ways to edit each "error," as well as the
principles governing usage.

In addition, I had each of them choose a topic from a list I generated
(based on "typical" grammatical difficulties), research it -- using at least
three sources -- and create a two-page handout, complete with practice
exercises, that could be used either with writing clients or as a stand-alone.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

 -- Suzanne

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> Hi,
>I was wondering ... what do all of you Writing Tutor Trainers do about
>reviewing basic grammar skills?

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