On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Kimberly A. McDonald wrote:

> Now, obviously, this student had a lot going for him: an uncle who
> supported (and pushed) him, time over the summer to devote to learning a
> new skill, and most of all, the determination to succeed.  But, remember,
> it wasn't there at first.  As he learned to read faster, his confidence
> grew and that seemed to encourage him to go on.  Now, even though we're
> officially finished for the summer, he continues to come into the lab to
> work on his reading techniques.  I can't wait to see how he does in
> classes this fall!!!
> I firmly believe that anyone can benefit from working on speed reading and
> comprehension. This example was not an isolated case.  The key is patience,
> making learning FUN, and the student's determination to succeed.

Bravo, Kim.  You've hit upon the combination of factors that make for
student success.  First, he had support, second, success breeds success.
Third, you made learning fun.

I just completed my thesis last year and I looked at the educational
experiences of literacy learners, and guess what, these are the very
things they identified as contributing to success in acquiring literacy
skills. It doesn't really seem to matter what the method
or even the subject matter but the support network, a feeling of success,
and enjoyment of learning are key.

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