On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Craig Andres wrote:

> I am still wondering if their is anyone out there giving Tutor of the
> Year awards.  I am planning on giving one as well, and I would like to
> know what criteria you use to justify the selection.


I'd love to be able to tell you that we here at Albuquerque Technical
Vocational Institute give this award, but alas we don't.  We have jumped
on the CQI bandwagon with both feet, and it is felt that awards as such
create animosity (I guess).  Not only that, but they're politically
incorrect from a union/institute standpoint!  Sadly, the world ain't what
it used to be:  one only gets "rewarded" as part of a group, not for
individual effort.  That way there are no hurt feelings!  Teambuilding,
you know!

Yours, (with tongue firmly planted in cheek!)

"Auntie Pakrat"
aka Peggy Keller
Private Citizen (as opposed to employee!)

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