Dear Friends,

There are some new resources available through the NADE homepage that you
might find interesting:
1. New links to job information sources.  Some of these specialize with
higher education and can be searched by profession and location in the
2. New links for online writing clinics, education computer discussion
groups, professional associations with common goals (e.g., reading,
learning centers), and more links to content area resources (e.g.,
3. Updated address information for NADE national committee chairs,
executive board members, Emeritus Council members, SPIN chairs
4. Updated information for NADE chapters.  Information concerning the
chapter conferences and a contact person is provided.  When available,
links are provided to web pages for the NADE chapter.
5. New address information for NADE.  The mailing address has recently
6. Dr. Don Garnett's inaugural address that he delivered at the NADE
conference in Denver.  It is entitled "Seven Summits for Developmental

In the near future we plan to add more articles that have been previously
published through the NADE annual monograph and the selected conference
papers.  A section will be devoted to political position statements as
well.  Come by and check out the page from time to time.

If you would like to nominate some links to add to the lists provided
through the NADE homepage, please email them directly to me if you like.
If some good links to resources or organizations are missing, it is only by
accident!  The address for the NADE webpage is

-- David

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