For the past 5 years we have operated a Novell server with 30 PC's.

At first, we trained volunteer tutors to maintain the network or hired
hourly computer technicians. The turnover was very high. People stayed on
just enough to get the experience then left for more lucrative
positions.Luckily, two years ago,the administration funded a full-time
Network Administrator position.In addition to the Network Administrator, we
have Lab assistants whose job is primarily to maintain an efficient lab and
to assist users as they access the programs they want to work on.

Students may drill and practice on our tutorial software or use the Internet
for research. We also have entire classes (developemental reading and
writing,foreign language, math) who come in on a regular schedule as part of
their instruction or to complement class work.

Happy Labor Day!

At 10:05 AM 8/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I appreciate that replies to this topic are being posted to the entire
>group.  We are tackling this issue at this very time in our center.  For
>those of you who have your software networked to a file server, who
>maintains your server? Originally, the agreement at our institution was
>that our Computing area would maintain the Novell server in our lab.  That
>agreement has been dissovled.  Since it requires specific training and
>expertise to maintain the Novell server, this is something our own staff
>is not prepared to do.  So we are exploring various options about where to
>go next with this.
>I appreciate knowing what is being done at other LSC labs.
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