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  I'm certain this has been discussed before but I have to ask....

> 1) Does your institution assess students' reading skills?

 Yes, all first year students or students who have not previously enrolled
in and passed English must take a College Placement Test.

>  2) Who is assessed? (freshmen, transfers, adults, special programs?)

All students who are opting for an AA or AS degree, all entering
freshmen, not adults and/or special programs unless they lead toward
an AA or AS degree.

>  3) What instrument do you use?  Does it meet your needs?

A state mandated test developed by the College Board.  The test is the
College Placement Test (CPT).  Yes, it seems to be accuarate for
placement in reading and writing developmental courses.  We have less
than 1% who are not accurately identified.

>  4) If a student "fails" the "test"  what happens?  Is the response
mandatory or

A student may, for a $10 fee, retake the test if s/he has not begun the
developmental sequence.  However, once begun, the process must be
completed unless instructors so note.  Yes, the test and the placement is

  5) What types of responses do you have on your campus?  classes,
short term
     workshops, CAI, tutoring, etc.?
We offer regular 16 week courses meeting one hour per day, four days
per week with integrated lab time and two hours of lab per week, one of
which is class time with instructor, the other is on students' own time.
During the summer, we offer two six week courses.  They meet for 2
hours and 20 minutes, four days each week with five hours of lab time
per week required, two and one half hours spent with the instructor and
two and one half on students' own time.

> 6) Where are these responses housed? Academic support, academic

Reading and writing are housed in the English Department with
integration of lab from the Academic Support.  The developmental math
classes are housed in the Math Department.

>  7) Are you a four year institution?

No.  Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, Florida

>  8) Any professional or personal thoughts about reading competencies
at the
     college level?
Reading is one of the single most important skills for student success
and sometimes is looked down upon as less than a profession.  The
concept that "Anyone can teach reading" and/or "Everyone can read if
s/he tries" still exists in the minds of elitists on any campus within any
institution.  Obviously, students should learn to read before s/he reaches
college, but in many cases, these skills are not actively taught in
secondary institutions.  Reading critically is much different than reading
aloud and/or reading "Dick and Jane" texts.  If a person cannot read, s/he
most of the time, cannot write either.  Don't get me started as I could go
on forever.
  Thank you

  Kim Fath
  Saint Xavier University

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