Thanks Tina...I got some great ideas from your post.  I love the:

 2 - What to expect when you come
        a - 5 minutes before a paper is due
        b - 1/2 hour before a paper is due
        c - 1 hour before a paper is due
        d - 1 day before a paper is due
                e - 1 week before a paper is due

I am interested in learning how many "Writing Centers" are a walk-in
service, how many are appointment based, and how many are a
combination of the two.  I am going to be off campus for a couple of weeks
but I am really looking forward to hearing what all of you are doing.  We
are currently a walk-in service and I am considering moving towards some
combination of walk-in and appointment.

Thanks in advance.
Bruce A. Myers

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