We've been on vacation, so I'm just getting to email. I've read the
response from Donna Warford-Alley, but I haven't seen any others.
Perhaps you've received them privately.

At Johnson County Community College we started using N-D's Forms G and H
during the Spring of 96 as a pre and post test for all our reading
classes. We had been using an ancient version of the Stanford
Diagnostic--Blue Level. We hadn't updated because we didn't like any of
the new tests. (However, I can't remember the form of the newest
Stanford that we looked at then, but we eventually voted against it. I
recall thinking it seemed too juvenile or watered down.)

Now we score the test electronically by using score sheets purchased
from Scantron Corporation which fit the ABCDE, EFGHI pattern of this
N-D. Since we have about 25 sections of reading classes, we had to find
something inexpensive. Each student uses two answer sheets--we use
separate ones for the Comprehension and Vocabulary sections. (If you
want more ordering information, let me know and I will look it up.)

We use the charts in the Scoring Manual to look up the percentile,
stanine, grade equivalent, etc. This is tedious, but each instructor
fills out a 5x8 "Reading Card" for each student. (We made these up.)
Cards are alphabetized and kept on file from semester to semester. If
some industrious soul in LRNASST Land has put all those tables on a
computer, we would love to know! Or, if someone wants to suggest a
better way, we'll listen.

However, our frustration is that the test doesn't give us enough
information for really poor readers since it won't go lower than 4.0
grade level.

We would like to find a short test that we could give after (or before)
the Nelson-Denny to those students whose initial college assessment
places them into our lowest level(s) of reading classes.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a simple paper-pencil test that checks
comprehension by using a cloze procedure after one or two sentences? I'm
thinking of a test similar to the pretest in SRA's old kits called
Reading for Understanding. It came with cards having ten statements on

Any suggestions are welcome!

Sheila and Donna, good luck on your quests. If I can help you, let me

Roslyn Bethke, AAC/Reading Instructor
Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS 66210
913-469-8500 x 3792
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Sheila Carter-Tod Ph.D wrote:
> I am writing to see if anyone is using forms g and h of the Nelson-Denny as
> part of their  reading assessment portfolios and if so how are you scoring
> them. I have been pilotting them as part of our current assessment
> portfolio but have run into time difficulties while scoring.  I think I now
> understand why the university had stopped using this particular test.  I
> just started here as the reading specialist and this test was strongly
> suggested  because they had used it before.  I now realize that it may not
> be the best possible tool.  I welcome suggestions for other similar tests
> that are being used and/or any information on how the Nelson-Denny can be
> scored electronically.  Riverside stopped selling the scoring program last
> year.  Any assistance is welcomed.
> Sheila Carter-Tod, Ph.D
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