We also pay minimum wage to undergraduate peer tutors.  The first term
     they tutor they receive the new minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. After
     that, the experienced tutors receive $6.00 per hour.  Graduate
     assistants receive $7.00 per hour and adjunct faculty who tutor for us
     begin at $10.00 per hour.

     We are a small private college.  There is no grant money supporting
     our Center, the institution pays all of our tutoring budget.

     Pat Murdock
     College of Mount St. Joseph

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Subject: Tutor Salaries
Author:  <[log in to unmask]> at INTERNET
Date:    8/12/97 7:55 AM

I've enjoyed the discussion of tutor salaries.  I'm also glad that my =
tutors do not know of the salaries paid at other institutions.

Our tutors are mostly undergraduate and are paid through a Title III =
grant.  When the grant was written, there was a salary increase written =
in for each year but since the minimum wage has increased, instead of an =
increase, the tutors have been cut back as far as the number I can =
employ.  We pay minimum wage for all tutors who are undergraduates.  I =
also have two graduate assistants who work 20 hours per week each at =
$6.25 per hour.  The GA salary has not increased for at least six years.

I'm not sure if it is the fact of living in southwest New Mexico where =
jobs are extremely hard to find, but I know that none of the students =
complain about the salaries (at least to me).  I have asked if we could =
give our returning tutors a twenty-five cent an hour increase, but since =
the legislature cut the university budget by $800,000, I doubt this will =

Is there anyone else paying minimum wage?  The email message last week =
from a CA school listed a salary for a tutor that was higher than we pay =
an entering assistant professor with a doctorate.  Where do state =
institutions get the money to pay such high salaries in their learning =
centers? =20

Nancy Picthall-French
Western New Mexico University