I hesitated to reply to your invitation because I'm still not sure if
     I can attend the conference.  Please hold a spot for me and I'll let
     you know if I cannot attend.

     Pat Murdock
     College of Mount St. Joseph
     Cincinnati, Ohio

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Subject: Update on CRLA/LRNASST Dinner
Author:  <[log in to unmask]> at INTERNET
Date:    8/14/97 5:18 PM


So far 16 of you have emailed me to express interest in getting together
for dinner on Oct.23 at the CRLA conference.  I have arranged to have a
room set aside for us at Fresh Choice Restaurant in the mall next to the
Doubletree Inn.  The room holds 35-40 people (they will call me with the
exact number).

Fresh Choice is a soup/salad buffet.  It's a very popular chain in
Northern California, and there are similar chains in other parts of the
country.  For $7.25 (beverages extra) you get unlimited salads (a large
selection of both side salads and main dish salads), unlimited soup
(usually 3 or 4 varieties including chili), pasta, pizza, delicious
breads and muffins, and dessert.  The food is high quality, and the
hardest thing is keeping your eyes the size of your stomach.

Our room has both booths and tables.  They will rearrange the tables at
our request.

I have kept the 16 replies (17 including me).  I'll post again closer to
the conference, but when the spaces are taken, they're taken.  However,
there is lots of room in the main restaurant.

We'll meet at the Newcomers Reception - details to come later - and walk
over around 6:45.  They are expecting us at 7:00.

I can't wait to meet all of you in person!

Lonna Smith