Kimberly A. McDonald wrote asking about team building exercises; here's
a neat one I learned while getting certified as a baseball coach in

The object is to get everyone to draw the same figure accurately.

From a group of ten or more, ask for one volunteer.

Hand that volunteer a sheet of paper with a simple geometric drawing on
it--for example, a circle inside a square atop an equilateral triangle.

Ask the volunteer to describe the drawing (without using the geometric
names "circle," "square," and "triangle") so that everyone ends up with
the same drawing on his/her paper.

Typically, the effort degenerates into a shouting match as people get
confused and lose sight of the goal.

Of course, a clever volunteer will use metaphors--in my example, maybe
something like, "draw an uncut pizza in a box; put it atop Egypt's most
famous wonder."

The exercise works best when it does degenerate into confused shouting,
since this phenomenon shows how quickly frustration overcomes even the
best intentions.