We video all of the training sessions and they REALLY don't like having
to sit through the video.  Given the lesser of two evils, they come for
training.  After the video session, they have to process the material
with the training director also.

Helen Baril
Quinnipiac College
Hamden, CT
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From: deborah kimberlin
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Subject: Re: Tutor meetings
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 12:55PM

Help!  What do you do to encourage tutors to attend tutor meetings?  I
to schedule them when most are free--usually around noon; they can bring
their lunches and sometimes I will have some "treats," but there are
always a few who cannot make it.  I have a fall tutor training workshop
for three hours before classes begin and have always had a good
attendance. However, some tutors don't make it to my monthly meetings
 - soon to be twice a month-(am I a glutton for punishment).  They are
for the hours of meeting, but this does not seem to help.  If I make the
meetings required instead of highly encouraged, what do I do if they
attend?  We can't afford to let them go; we need them.  What do you do?

Thanks for your help.

Debbie Kimberlin
Learning Center, EAB 117
University of Nebraska at Omaha
60th and Dodge Streets
Omaha, Nebraska 68182
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