We use the equipment from media serv ices.  I considered whether or not
to purchase our own equipment, but since it is probably obsolete before
you open the box, I figured that I would let someone else take the
financial hit! Media services always has the latest and the best and we
have a large mass communications major on campus in a very elaborate

My assistant took training on the equipment and she or a mass comm
student tapes the sessions.  It is really no big thing and many times we
can even use a tripod and just let the thing run.  We are not looking to
submit these to MTV so artistic ability and camera expertise are not an

The only tricky part is being sure that the equipment is there when you
need it.  We usually have it delivered the day before the session just
so that we know that it is there.  Also, leaving a standing order with
media services even if it is not used on a particular day is always
advantageous.  It is easier for them to deal with routine orders rather
than those that show up sporadically.

We have at least four years worth of tapes of training sessions.  Since
we are CRLA certified for all three levels, we have our level III tutors
make their own tapes during that training period and we use those for
some of the level I training.  They do a WONDERFUL job and those are the
 creative ones!  It is amazing how the most reticent tutors become great
actors by the time they get to level III.!  They are asked (in groups of
three) to choose a particularly tough tutoring problem and script a
session.  One is the client, one the tutor, and one the cameraperson.
They are nothing short of wonderful.  When they are all finished, we
have a screening which all the tutors attend and we serve popcorn, etc
and they have a very good time seeing each others work.  We have more
fun than them listening to all of the comments!

Helen Baril
Quinnipiac College
Hamden, CT
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From: Roger Elrod
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Subject: Re: Tutor meetings -Reply
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 3:28PM

Question for HELEN BARIL,

On a more logistical / financial note:
Does your center own a camcorder(s) or do you depend on your media
services to provide one?
If you do own a camera, did you get it recently?
Can you tell me what *kind it is?  (8mm, VHS-C, or VHS)
Do you feel it is serving you well or satisfactorily?
Do you have students (tutors or office staff) who use it?


Roger Razzari Elrod
The Learning Center
Santa Clara University
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