Gary Probst wrote:

I an using the Bittinger-Keedy mathematics textbook and like the
software that is provided free with these textbooks.  One nice feature
is that students can purchase the software for $15 and use it on their
home computer instead of using the computers in our learning lab.

We would be interested in previewing your software.  We have Plato and
do not like it.

Gary Probst
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Davidsonville, MD  21035

Ann-Claire Anderson wrote:
> Amy Hobbs from TX A&M wrote:
> >
> > I don't know if this subject has been discussed before because I am new to
> > this group.  I am researching computer software for our math lab to help
> > students who are not ready for College Algebra.  If you are using a program
> > that you like and think might fit our needs, please reply.
> Hello again fellow LRNASSTers,
> If you would like a free sampler  mathematics CD-ROM called "Math at Work",
> please send me your name and street address and I'll get one in the mail to
> you.  One of  my colleagues has co-developed a series of three CD-ROMs that
> include basic pre-algebra and beginning geometry skills taught through real
> world relevant games.  The level is about 8th grade--but it has been used
> with GT 5th graders and in a college beginning engineering class--so go
> figure! I don't expect this to in any way replace your regular developmental
> mathematics teaching, but the programs are a lot of fun (I tried them!) and
> would make good supplementary material. I'll be happy to ask him to send a
> sampler CD to you.
> Ann-Claire Anderson
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