If the student is taking courses from our college, we administer the
     tests from other institutions free.  However, if the student has no
     connections with our college, we charge $15.00 per test to complete
     the necessary paperwork and proctor the test.

     This seems like a small fee when you consider the time involved.  I'm
     anxious to hear what others do in this situation.

     Pat Murdock
     College of Mount St. Joseph

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Subject: fees for proctoring tests from other institutions
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Date:    8/1/97 11:47 AM

Greetings Listers,

        I have a question from the President of our institution.  Here at
the Academic Support Center at Cayuga Community College, we have occasionally
administered exams from other institutions for community members or students
taking courses by satellite or by correspondance.  In recent months we seem to
be doing a great deal of this, and, as a learning center, this does not fall
primarily within our mission.  We feel that, at the very least we should be
charging a fee.  In order to do so, however, we need to present the trustees
with information on how much other institutions charge to proctor exams.

        Do any of you perform a similar service, and if you do, what do you
charge for this?


Debbie Moeckel
Director, ASC
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