Gary K. Probst wrote:
> A "good" term to call anyone enrolled in any educational program is
> student.  The following terms have negative connotations:
> tutee - silly sounding
> LD - close to retarded
> client - need of psychological or legal help
> We have called the people enrolled in our program "students" for 30
> years and have never had a complaint.
> Gary


In whose eyes do these words have negative connotations? Are these your
own personal views of these words?

When you indicate "LD--close to retarded" is that your personal view or
your own definition of what a learning disability is????  Do you really
know what a learning disability is?  If having a learning disability is
a "negative" thing, are you implying that all students with disabilities
are seen as negative?

Now, I realize that in the past and through ignorance, people often
associated someone with a learning disability as being a slow learner,
but I hate the fact that your message is perpetuating the old stereotype
of LD.  The only reason I am replying to this message via the list and
not to you personally is that there is a danger that someone with no
background in learning disabilities might see this message and just
assume that someone with a learning disability is mentally "retarded"
(your word, not mine).  The learning disabilities association (Canada)
has worked long and hard to dispell this myth and I think it is
important that we think about the impact of our words and the
information we are disseminating before we push the "send" button.

Gary, this message is not meant as a personal attack (although my tone
may indicate otherwise), it is just that as an educator in the special
needs field, my back was raised by your comments, knowing the damage
that misinformation can do.


Lisa L. Decosse,
Learning Services Coordinator,
Special Needs Regional Resource Centre,
Cambrian College,
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
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The opinions expressed above are that of my own and in no way reflect
the opinions of Cambrian College.