Dear Anna: 

Thanks for your interest in my books.  Martha Maxwell 

For "Evaluating Academic Skills Programs: A Sourcebook"  - I can't take
credit cards, but will accept purchase orders and/or send the book and bill

>"From Access to Success: Readings in Developmental 
>Learning and Learning Assistance." H&H Publishing Co., 1232 Kapp Ave,
>Clearwatrer, FL 34625. Phone 1-800-366-4O79  $18.95 
>PLUS 3.50 SHIPPING-    and  

For: "Improving Student Learning Skills-New Edition" . (1997).H&H
>Publishing Co., 1232 Kapp Ave, Clearwatrer, FL 34625. Phone 1-800-366-4O79

>$38.95 PLUS 4.50 SHIPPING-  

For   WHEN TUTOR MEETS STUDENT. Published by the University of Mich.
>Press, 1994.  U. M. Press, POBox  1104, Ann Arbor MI 48106 phone
313-763-0163  ($16.95 plus $3.50 postage &
>handling- there's also a hardback edition.)   The book contains stories by
Berkeley writing  tutors about some of their golden and some of 
their more dreadful experiences tutoring estudents(like "The Session from
Hell)") and should be very useful and encouraging for tutors in 
any field.