To Janet N. &  for those of you who are interested in desciptions of first
generation college students: 

Steven Brookfield (1990) calls it "culture suicide" - the situation where
students lose their former support
network as a result of the changes they undergo while attending college. 
(page 153) 

Brookfield, S.  (1990) The Skillful Teacher. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass,  

Rodriguez, R. Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez.  South
Holland, IL:Bantam Books. (1983). 
(Note- some Mexican-Americans don't think Rodriguez work is

Rose, M. . Lives on the Boundary: The Struggles and Achievement of
America's Underprepared. New York: The Free Press, 1989. 

Thornton, Y. S. & Coudert, J.  The Ditch Digger's Daughters, Bruce Lane
Press, 1994. . 

Also you'll find a number of articles in the EOP Journals and TRIO
publications. ( Check out ERIC.)   I remember writing an article about this
that was published in  the Midwest EOP Journal sometime in the 80s but
can't find it now. 

Martha Maxwell .