Mary Dimon (1991) asked developmental reading specialists questions about 
the definition of reading and about their courses.  How would you answer
these?  M. Maxwell 

What Is Your Definition of Reading 

        I. It is a behavior to be reduced to parts
        which are then combined. 

        2. Depends on rules of oral language so they
        may be applied to print. As readers anticipate
        meanings, they construct new meaining. 

        3. An activity of reconstructing experience,
        reading brings meaning to print, so reading
        aloud confirms reading has happened. 

        4. Generic form of behavior, creating
        meanings through senss modalities and
        totally dependent on experience. 

        5. A linear activity in which learning to read
        comes before reading to learn. It has three
        separate stages: association, consolidating,
        and reading to learn. 

How would you define a  college reading course? 
        1. Legitimate subject for a college catalog. 

        2. A part of study skills. 

        3. Dependent on the subject matter to which
        it is applied so should be offered with a
        specific course or as part of tutoring. 

        4. Dependent on a person's ability to think
        and problem-solve so should be included in
        psychology or physics course. 

        5. A combination of 1 and 2

        6. A combination of 3 and 4. 

Which policy changes would you suggest to
support to accommodate a budget reduction: 

        1. Decrease reading courses and increase

        2. Offer only study skills courses
        3. Cut reading courses in half and use content
        faculty to implement their courses with
        special help for poor readers. 

        4. Eliminate all study skills classes, keep one
        reading cource and substitute tutor-
        supervised study groups.