I apologize for not responding sooner to this request for information
about Landmark.  I'm currently on four listserves and some days it's
a lot to dig through.  Where to start?  Landmark is a private
two-year college in Putney, VT, exclusively for students with
learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.  It was
established in 1985 and currently enrolls 300 students with a 3:1
student to faculty ratio.  About half our students are enrolled in
non-credit skills development courses.  The other half take credit
courses which can lead to an associates' degree in general studies.
Landmark's approach to working with our students is very
skills-oriented.  Every student has a regularly scheduled tutorial
with a faculty member that meets between 2 and 5 hours per week.
Classes are also small, usually between 6-10 students.  A lot of
attention is focused on diagnosing each student's particular learning
profile and difficulties and placing them in classes that address
their particular needs and move at a pace that is appropriate.
Explicit teaching of reading/writing/ and study skills is
incorporated into every class.  There is also a great deal of time
devoted to metacognition- helping students to understand their
strengths and weaknesses and what strategies work and don't work for
them to be successful.

Since its founding, Landmark's student population has shifted in
some ways.  One striking change has been that now, instead of the
most common diagnosis being "dyslexic",  somewhere around
60% of our students have a diagnosis of AD(H)D, often in addition to
a learning disability.  We've had to work hard to understand this
growing segment of our population and adapt our teaching to meet
their needs.  I think we've done some very exciting things in this
area.  This past fall we opened the college's new Center for Teaching
and Learning, and I was appointed director.  The CTL is an academic
resource center for both students and faculty, and is new in that it
is really the first time we've offered support to students from
experienced faculty in a context where appointments are
student-initiated instead of regularly scheduled and mandatory.  I
hope some of the "boot camp" image has worn off, and we've shifted
more towards letting students take responsibility for their own

And yes, Landmark is very expensive, unfortunately.

I would welcome further questions or discussion about Landmark's
programs, on or off list.

Sara Glennon
Sara Glennon
Center for Teaching and Learning
Landmark College
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