The Midwest College Learning Center Association is
announcing its thirteenth annual conference, "Foundations of
Learning" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 1-3, 1998.  This
message is to invite proposals from readers of this list for
presentations at the conference and to provide guidelines
for the proposals.
Keynote Speaker: Marcia Baxter Magolda, author of Knowing
and Reasoning in College  speaking on "Linking Students'
Intellectual Development, Learning and Teaching"

Closing Speaker: Judith Raymond, (back by popular demand
from the 1997 MCLCA Summer Institute) speaking on
"Technology: Tools in a Toolbox"

Pre-Conference Institute: Sharon Wyland, "Working with
Students with Learning Disabilities"
Post-Conference Institute: Lisa D'adamo-Weinstein, "Working
with Students in Academic Difficulty"
MCLCA invites presenters to share successful programs and
approaches; reinforce theory and practice; and raise
discussion topics.  Individual or group presentations, panel
discussions and demonstrations are welcome.  Presenters are
encouraged to include handouts and use techniques that
promote participant involvement.

MCLCA welcomes presentations on themes related to learning
assistance programs and developmental education including
such topics as:
Assessment and evaluation
Collaborative learning
Content teaching and reading
Curriculum design
Reading, writing and mathematics
English as a second language
Learning theory and research
Linkage courses
Motivating students
Professional development
Supplemental Instruction
Teaching/learning techniques
Working with special student populations such as learning
disabled students, student athletes, adult/returning

Evaluations Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated by blind
review.  The proposals are judged on the basis of clarity,
relevance to the conference theme and interest to the
conference audience.

Session length is 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Mail three copies of the proposal and coversheet to:
Shevawn Eaton
ACCESS/ESP, Williston 230
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
PH: (815) 753-1141
FAX: (815) 753-6520

Notification of proposal status will be mailed to the
primary presenter in July, 1998.

MCLCA cannot offer a waiver of conference fees or
honorarium.  Presenters must register and pay conference

Instructions for preparing your proposal:
Your proposal consists of two parts, the cover sheet and the
proposal abstract.

The Cover sheet, which will be separated from the proposal
for review should include:
A. Primary Presenter
This is the presenter to whom all correspondences will be
addressed.  Please include name, title, institution, mailing
address (academic year and summer), telephone, fax and
B. Co-Presenter(s)
Names, titles, institutions, mailing addresses, telephone,
fax and e-mail
C. Title
Include a title that reflects accurately what you will be
D. Format
Describe your presentation format, lecture, group
interaction, presentation of data/research, etc.
E. Equipment
Indicate your equipment needs (choice of video player and
monitor, overhead projector, chalk or marker board, or
Sorry, MCLCA will not be able to provide computers or
computer projection equipment or on-line capabilities.

A. Title of your presentation
B. Audience: Specify the group you feel will be most
interested in your presentation.
C. Summary: Include a 30-50 word summary for your
presentation suitable for inclusion in the conference
program book.
D. Abstract: The abstract is the primary piece of your
proposal.  Provide a description of your presentation which
includes a rationale, content, methods of presentation and
bibliography (maximum 500 words).  Include references as

For further information about the conference, a proposal
idea, etc, contact Shevawn Eaton at the above address.

For membership information about MCLCA, contact
Susan Witkowski
Alverno College
PO Box 343922
Milwaukee, WI 53234-3922
Phone (414) 382-6027