Hi, all.  Hope your holidays were wonderful, as mine were!  I was lazy as
a slug, read novels, watched movies, and played with my K9 "children" all
day!  They were disappointed when "Mom" had to go back to work!

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Craig Andres wrote:

> As far as people with disabilities, they are not suppose to be
> discriminated against by education or business.

In an ideal world, this is true.  However, as Sue Lorraine Lavorata wrote:

> > In the business world the important things are speed/accuracy/
> > judgment/ problem solving skills and various physical/motor skills to
> > perform basic office functions. Obviously those with neurological
> > disabilities, regardless of how great their grades were cannot perform
> > such work. So much for GPA predicting work success in a field outside
> > of education.


I beat my head against the business world for many years.  While I had
great "people" skills, as well as accuracy, judgment and problem solving
and leadership skills, I have a visual/motor skills problem which did me
in on the "speed" category.  "Fast" is, unfortunately, what the business
world (and apparently everyone else!) seems to value in today's
society--"Fast" food is a case in point!  This may be "sour grapes" on my
part, but it seems to me that folks are more interested in how quickly
something can be done rather than in doing it right.  Fast beats out
accuracy every time!  Productivity is what counts, and that's what seems
to me is happening in education--how many warm bodies can we move through
the system.  Not how many know what the heck they are doing!  Assembly
line education, and you all know what I think of that!

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