We use PLAN as a unified study reading strategy to help students engage their
prior knowledge, recognize text structure and see relationships between main
ideas and details (whether stated or inferred by the author), and connect the
reading with the purpose of the instructor.  We discussed this in Caverly,
Mandeville, and Nicholson (1995; Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 39
(3), 190-199).

You might also want to look in two books that we are currently updating,
_Teaching Reading and Study Strategies at the College Level_ and _College
Reading and Study Strategy Programs_.  These books are out of print, but your
library should have them.  We are currently revising them to be published this

Finally, I would suggest Martha Maxwell's book, _From Access to Success_, as
well as the Journal of College Reading and Learning published by CRLA, the
Journal of Developmental Education published by NADE, and the Research and
Teaching in Developmental Education published by the New York College Learning
Skills Association.

Good luck and please publish your study after your dissertation,

Dave Caverly