Oh, so it's up to the STUDENTS to prepare themselves (on their own??) for
college! I guess that lets us educators off the hook, huh?

Seriously, this bit of pseudospeak doesn't seem to address the issue of
"disastrous consequences" of an uneducated populace, does it!  Nor does it
address the issue of why so many students seem to end up "poorly prepared"
for college!

We've been dealing with that here, too.  Our English 100 outcome
expectations are widely different from the Freshman Comp income
expectation, which leave 100 students who pass feeling competent only to
find out that they are not when they arrive in Freshman Comp!  AARRGGHH!

I think what we need is a little less buck-passing and name-calling and a
little bit more let's-fix-the-damn-problem!  (for what it's worth, since I
am neither a politician nor an instructor, only a lowly tutor!)  Seems to
me what Mayor Giuliani is advocating is tossing the poor baby (students)
out with the proverbial bathwater!

Peggy Keller
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On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Norman Stahl wrote:

>  NEW YORK CITY'S Mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, on Wednesday
>    called on the City University of New York to end open
>    enrollment, saying that the admission of poorly prepared
>    students had resulted in alarmingly low graduation rates, a
>    trend with "disastrous consequences" for the city.
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