Dear LRNASST Friends,

The early deadline date for the NADE'98 Conference is January 23.  After
that most conference registration fees increase by $30.  Following is a
selection of a few of the concurrent presentations that have been accepted
for the conference.  For more information, see the signature block at the
bottom of this message.

-- David

The NADE 98 Conference will offer sessions from each of the following
interest areas: Administration and Program Evaluation, Assessment,
Cognition,  Counseling, Diversity, ESL, International Programs, Learning
Centers and Tutoring, Learning Disabilities, Legal Issues, Math,
Professional Development, Reading, Research, Study Skills and Learning
Strategies, Technology, and Writing.

Among the exciting presentations, look forward to the following:

    Virginia's Developmental Studies Teaching-Learning Model: A Program
with a Mind
    First-Year Experience: Easing the Transition to College
    Collaborative Techniques for Developmental Classrooms
    Rising to the Challenges of Professional Development
    Active Learning Strategies to Help All Students Be SuccessfulProblem
Solving Skills in Students with Learning Disabilities
    Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?
    Picture Perfect, Sharpening Reading and Thinking Proficiencies Through
    Teaming Up to Help High-Risk Students Develop Writing Proficiency
    Developmental Educators as Supplemental Instruction Providers
    Meeting the Challenge of Volunteering:  Learning Assistance-Service
    Reading Competency Exams, Teaching Variations and Successful Student
    Course Portfolios:  A Challenge and Opportunity for Program Development
    Sense of Place in the Sister City Novels
    Critical Thinking in Developmental Education
    Definitions and Instructional Options
    Cool Hand Luke Meets the Warden: Bridging the Gap
    Legend vs.  Reality: Japanese Students' Needs for Study Skills
    Emerging Scholars: From a Developmental Beginning to Academic Stardom
    Sleepers, Awake! Activities to Liven Up the Composition Class
    Textbook Readability and Functional Literacy
    Tutoring in the Micro-Age
    Teaching Reading and Writing:  A Synergistic Model
    Active Learning Components + Algebra Courses = Success
    Beyond Generic Strategies:  Strategy
    Modification in Biology and History
    Building Novice Writers' Confidence and Competence with the PLP
    Implementing the Reading /Writing Connection
    Designer Software:  Creating Computer Programs for At-Risk Students
    Ingredients for Success:  Spice, Spice, and More Spice
    Mathematics for Living:  Using Tables, Graphs, and Data Collection
    Building a Community of Learners
    A New Direction: The Speech Course for Developmental Students
    Using Graphing Calculators and New Materials in Intermediate Algebra
    Using Desktop Video Conferencing to Link Multiple Campus Learning Centers
    Community College/High Schools Collaborate to Enhance College Readiness
    Disability Services for a Multi-Campus System Infusing Asian Literature
and Film into Developmental Classes
    Former DS Students' Performance on Reading Proficiency Tests for
    On Being a White/Privileged Educator in a Diverse Classroom
    Suspended Students: An Analysis of Suspension Length and Returning
Semester GPA
    Accommodating College Students Who Have Learning Disabilities
    WWW-Based Student Support Services for Distance Delivery Students
    What Is the Role of Developmental Education in Africa
    Writing Program Assessment and Local Realities - One Case Study
    Access Programs in the Sciences/Maths for Nontraditional Students
    Empowering Special Student Populations in the Skills of Self-Advocacy
    LEARN -- A Learning Community for Developmental Students

David R. Arendale, Univ. of Missouri-KC
March 4-8, NADE98 in Atlanta, GA
Conferene Hotline:  770-429-0740
Conference Homepage:
Conference E-mail Address:  [log in to unmask]