Re: Chet Finn's predictions . . .

I think he misunderstands the nature of entrepreneurialism when he leaves
out a fourth possibility:  intitutions that are user-friendly that
guarantee the quality of their services by providing educations based on
real outcomes.

If I were designing a college from the ground up, the college would have a
money-back guarantee on the employability of its graduates into the various
professional fields for which they were deemed suitable.

Some folks might buy a product because it has snob appeal . . . others
might buy another one because it's a "bargain" (i.e., it's cheap) . . . but
in the long run, the products that will win the long-term confidence of the
every-day consumer is the one that works.

Geanted, people go to college for a lot of different reasons.
That UCLA study said the number one reason students chose a college was in
order to get a better job (74.6%) . . .  IMHO, if bargain colleges don't
deliver, the customers will go find a place that does . . .

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