I truly enjoyed Lonna's response to this thread. I think most of the views
expressed along this thread seem to me (faulty reader that I may be) to
sell the student who doesn't "succeed" short.

I work for minority students and I know that down to the last student they
have been told that they are the best and brightest students and that they
have every ability to succeed in college. However, each of those students
must make her/his own personal decision to exert the time and energy
required to achieve academic success or any kind of success. Regrettably
many of them do not choose to do reading assignments carefully (or at all)
or choose not to attend class regularly or choose to not take advantage of
the multitude of programs designed to "ensure" their success.

Others do choose to exert the time and energy and do choose to make use of
available resources and they typically achieve success and earn their
positions in business, grad school, med school, etc.

In my humble opinion, no matter what one does, no matter how many programs
you throw money and energy into, if the individual student does not make a
personal investment in her/his success, he/she will not succeed in school
or any other endeavor, regardless of race, gender, economic status.

Call me what you will, but I respect each adult's decision to make it or
not. I stand with open arms to those students who want to take advantage,
but I avoid chasing students down to try and force them to be successful.

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