I totally agree with Walt's comments quoted below!!!  It depends on what
the student wants to do -- how academically coachable he/she is -- how
willing he/she is to let go of old habits and images and risk new ones.
That's an internal system that I try to impact in every way possible
each time I contact a student -- but I have to respect where the student
is at that point in her/his life.

Our society is so focused on laying blame rather than on taking personal
responsibility.  Having graduated from college in '69, I believe this is
a product of the sixty's, and, like so much of our inheritance from the
time of fighting "the establishment", our society is not well-served by
this no-commitment, blame mentality.

Students blame parents, parents blame welfare, college profs blame high
school teachers, etc.  Until a student accepts the responsibility and
the consequences, he/she can not and will not move ahead on the ladder
of life.

Paulette Church
Waldorf College
Forest City, IA  50436

> In my humble opinion, no matter what one does, no matter how many
> programs
> you throw money and energy into, if the individual student does not
> make a
> personal investment in her/his success, he/she will not succeed in
> school
> or any other endeavor, regardless of race, gender, economic status.
> Call me what you will, but I respect each adult's decision to make it
> or
> not. I stand with open arms to those students who want to take
> advantage,
> but I avoid chasing students down to try and force them to be
> successful.
> Walt
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