Barbara Ice and others:

Thank you for your responses.  What an interesting discussion.  One of my points is
that the lack of money does not sufficiently explain poor academic performance.
There appears to be other factors that may coincide with poverty that affect a learner's
potential.  Some of these factors could be what is taught to learners by families in
prverty.  In fact, these teachings may be the reason the family is in poverty in the first
place.  Some of these factors are negative and limiting attitudes about education,
obeying the law, respect for others, and even experienceing success that supasses
family members.  Success is not as highly valued in lower income families as it
appears to be in higher income families or it is defined differently.   Does anyone know
of any research on this?  I don't believe money alone is an acceptable reason for lack
of success in learning.  Be that as it may, the question arises of how much influence
can teachers have against such a background?

Dennis Congos

>>> Barbara Ice <[log in to unmask]> 01/21/98 10:14am >>>
Dennis says <snip>> What social mechanism has the greatest influence on
learners?  There lies the> problem and the object of our remedies.
I'm not sure if Dennis is implying that learning is influenced by a
specific social factor or that social factors play a part in learning.
If we are talking about "the factor" that makes "the difference" in a
learner's success or failure, I would like for someone to tell me.  If
we have this information, we can help all students reach their goals. In
my area (learning assistance center) I find that if a student is
motivated from within (by whatever), he/she will reach a degree of
success.  If that student is working from outside motivators only, we
are doomed. They've got to want to do it!


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