Dear Listers,

Martha Maxwell was absolutely correct when she noted that, "The experts are
taking a cold, hard look at developmental education and recommending  that
since  teaching remedial courses is more like teaching  high school than
teaching college courses, they can be outsourced to
extension institutes, private companies, or community colleges."  And Paul
Ellis was absolutely correct in questioning the experience and knowledge of
these so-called "experts."   One answer to Paul's question can be found in
the Spring 1997 issue of JOURNAL OF BASIC WRITING, in which Ira Shor wrote
an essay entitled, "Our Apartheid:  Writing Instruction and Inequality."
Shor, the self-appointed champion of the powerless and the poor (who has a
cushy academic life as a full professor who teaches the elite in the CUNY
Graduate Center), calls for the abolishment of all developmental courses.
Read it an weep.  And then read the responses to his essay (including  mine)
that will appear in the forthcoming issue of the journal.



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