A friendly reminder folks,

When replying to a posting, Angell and Heslop ("Elements of E-mail Style"
Addison-Wesley, 1994 pp29-30) recommend:

"Edit the original message to include only enough information to remind the
sender (or in this case, the recipients) of the [...] purpose or question."

This will keep postings short.

I noticed yesterday's digest was over 83K in length (the biggest in months)
with some postings having as many as five previous messages appended in the
" wrote:" part.

Big messages are usually discouraging, especially to those who have an
active e-mail box.

Thanks for your cooperation.

BTW- Angell and Heslop's book is very good.

Guillermo Uribe Ph D. Systems Support.
University Learning Center
University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210021
Tucson AZ  85721-0021