This is a slightly expanded version of the description posted on Friday,
1/16.  Note deadline for applications and starting date.


Southern Methodist University's Summer Bridge Program structures the
transition to college work and life for students who have not
traditionally had access to the private post-secondary experience.  Summer
Bridge students live, work, and study on campus during the summers before
and after their first year at SMU.  The Program, originated and
administered by the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC), is
funded by private foundation grants; the Program Coordinator reports to
the A-LEC Director.  Responsibilities include overseeing the process of
identifying and selecting program participants, coordinating the program's
summer activities, mentoring program participants throughout the regular
academic year, collaborating with key campus departments on behalf of
program participants, and managing and reporting on the Program's grant
budget.  The successful candidate must be able to serve as an advocate for
students to the University, to counsel individual students about their
academic progress, to accommodate a large volume of walk-in student
traffic, and to work effectively with a wide range of people including
parents, faculty, university staff, and the general public.  The Program
Coordinator holds a full-time, twelve-month position, beginning work on
June 1, 1998.

Master's degree, previous experience working in higher education strongly
preferred.  Strong oral and written communication skills are a necessity.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, academic transcripts, and 3
letters of recommendation to:

A-LEC Search
SMU Box 750232
Dallas, TX 75275-0232

Application deadline is February 16, 1998.

SMU is an equal opportunity employer.