Hello fellow educators,

        PLEASE be more considerate in replying to items posted on LRNASST.
More than one half of the material posted here is material already posted.
Look at this:

> > > > >  NEW YORK CITY'S Mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani, on Wednesday
> > > > >    called on the City University of New York to end open
> > > > >    enrollment, saying that the admission of poorly prepared
> > > > >    students had resulted in alarmingly low graduation rates, a
> > > > >    trend with "disastrous consequences" for the city.
> > > > >

        The ">'s" in front of the material indicates that this has already
been "re-posted" via replies five times.  It is good to include a snippet in
your reply to help us remember what the original issue is, but not the whole
article.  Few of us have the luxury of time to plow through tons of re-post.
All mail clients I know of allows you to cut and paste in replies.  If you
do not know how to do that, please learn.


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