Oh, boy.  I guess I'm in hot water (or at least warmish!).  I certainly
didn't mean to foster misunderstandings with my soapbox comments.  I hope
you will all have learned by now that I spout off at the drop of a hat.
All I mean is to stir up the discussion.  I do not imply that anyone on
this list is less than a dedicated educator!  (otherwise none of you
would care enough to pay attention to this list anyhow!)  The examples I
give are from "bad" teachers I have had experience with.  I HAVE, dispite
my eternal optimism, met "bad" students, too, believe it or not.
(Although I still feel that these students became "bad" not because of
personal failings, but because of the failings of society, including
parents and teachers.)

Regarding learning and other disabilities, my introduction to tutoring was
with this population of students.  Because of my (at the time) clinical
depression, I considered myself to be in that population myself, and still
do.  My students, struggling with brain injuries and misunderstood
disabilities such as cerebral palsy.  For some weird reason, some people
in society equate disability with idiocy, a fact I found out when I ended
up in a wheelchair after shattering my ankle so badly the doctors thought
they might have to amputate! The minute I sat down in that thing, I found
out that I "became" deaf and about five years old mentally in the minds of
many people who I thought knew better!

I think it is because of my early tutoring experience, with some really
nifty students conquering obstacles I couldn't even imagine, that I became
so gung-ho for all students.

I hope no one minds my rantings.  Sorry if I've stomped on any toes!  I
love you all dearly!  You keep my mind functioning and my heart motivated
in what many say is a difficult, stressful, and thankless job.  (Not me, I
love what I do!)

Peggy Keller
English Instructional Technician
Assistance Centers for Education
Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute
525 Buena Vista SE
Albuquerque, NM  87106

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Sue Lorraine Lavorata wrote:

> In some cases slow development is due to disabilities. I was slow in
> developing physically due to cerebral palsy and neurological
> disabilities.Hey I did not walk to almost 2 and still do not do it
> very well.:) That is not to say that it is due to a bad parent, or
> teacher. I think the point was that when disability is not present
> and we are talking about people after a certain age who are
> able-bodied, than such individuals must take some responsibility for
> their own learning. Now that does not mean that we as educators
> should not be there to help. Of course we should, that is our job. I
> hope this clears up any misunderstanding. Prof L