>reminded me of the Becoming a Master Student
>video #5 "You create it all" by David Ellis.

Craig, I don't know if mine was one of those threads or not, but a comment
I made recently grew directly out of my appreciation of a revision Dave
Ellis made of the Power Process, "You Create It All," when he changed it to
"I Create It All" (its current name in the 8th edition of Becoming a Master
Student (Houghton Mifflin).

I happened to be at a seminar in South Dakota the year he did that.  Dave
explained that many people felt understandably condescended to when someone
else, a stranger or even a friend, used the "You."  Worse yet, it could
have the effect of putting the speaker into the position of thinking that
they knew better than the listener what they were experiencing.  The "I"
puts the personal responsibility back where it belongs, in the mind of the
speaker, who can best teach by example.

I suppose in a collaborative context, we might use the "We."


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