I am not new to this listing, but rarely do I reply to the conversations that
fill my mail box.  However, I must agree with those that feel there is a lack
of sufficient restraints on a system that provides higher education to those
that might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a student only do the minimum
requirements, not for the purpose of getting an education, not because they are
unable to do the work (needing help), but for the purpose of receiving "free"
money from the government.  There are too many students like this that come to
college to extend their qualifications for welfare.

It is unfortunate that, as always, there are those that know how to manipulate
the system for purposes other than intended.  However, I know that if a student
wants an education, they will find a way to get one - with or without
government assistance.  Those are the students that these government programs
are aimed at.  Those are the students, in many cases, that
you would never have guessed were on the system in the first place.

I have much more to add...but that will do.  Have a nice day!

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