Hi Everyone!

I've been reading the responses to these issues for several days (and in
fact, I started to write on two other occasions, and then cancelled my
reply because I was "too close" to the issue).

So... with that in mind...

I agree that education should be available to everyone.  I agree that as
educators we need to try several methods to "motivate" students.  We need
to teach them "why" higher education is important, but more than that, we
need to "excite" them about the subject matter that we teach.  We need to
teach them "how" to be students.  Of course, most of us would agree with
these statements, but how do we deal with another type of problem?  How
do we deal with an administration who perhaps "blames" us (meaning
learning assistance personnel, academic advisors, etc.) for retention

At our institution, this has become the issue.  I, too, believe that in
working with one student at a time, we do have a positive impact on
retention, and yet there are those students that we can't reach.  They
don't want to be here (or are at least indifferent to being here) and no
matter what we do, we can't "save" them.. Education has not yet become a
priority for them.

How many of you are responsible for reteniton at your institutions?  What
programs, philosophies, goals have you adopted to address this issue?
How can we better educate those in power, that retention is a University
issue and that at the heart of that issue, is the student?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Kim McDonald