> Maybe I am just from a different school of thought, but I
>believe that the student has to take responsibility for their education

Carla, I believe in meeting the learner halfway -- that some learners are
farther along the continuum of learning "responsible beahvior skills" than
others -- not that it's an either/or. . . .

>I do not believe that education is designed to change the world

Agreed.  I think that is one of the major problems with the design of most
educational systems, is that it is designed to keep things going as they
are . . .

>  Anyone that believes that they can change the world, is a

From one fool to another, Carla, I agree, especially with your statement
that "we can help to change the student at a time."  The only
-- and hardest -- person we can change is ourselves.  We can model
perseverence, acceptance, high standards, honesty, love, commitment,
courage in the face of frustration, collaboration, respect, amd more . . .
perhaps, most of all, humilty in the face of knowing i don't always know
what is the best approach for any given person -- and the ability to
forgive myeself (another antidote to burn-out) when I am less than perfect.
And we can provide resources, road maps, ideas, standards, humor, chocolate
-- whatever will help pave the way . . .

And I agree that education shouldn't be "spoon-fed" -- at least not in most
cases.  For one thing, it is condescending; for another, it is almost
always terribly ineffective.  On the other hand, I'd say, whatever works,
do it. . . I do my best, and when that doesn't work, I try something else.

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