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>why we assume that students retreat because of the instructor's approach.

O. I don't know that we assume that in most cases, but speaking freom my
own experience as a learner, I've had more than my share of instructors who
really gave me access to learning . . . and others who set up barriers that
even today leave me wondering what they were all about?  Ego?  Insecurity?
Bad communications skills?  Different learning style? . . . who knows . . .
When I hear others talking about responsibility, I just want to make sure
that the speaker is applying that concept euqally to themselves . . .

>Some students are just not cut out for college

Probably not, in general, although I am not exactly sure how one educator
measures the standard for that.  And I can't think of any way in which it
would be helpful to tell anyone that they "are not cut out for college."
Sometimes, the college -- or program within a given college -- is not cut
out for them.

What I can say is what is factually before me.  "I notice that you have not
attended over half the classes this semester."  That's a fact.  I have
absolutely no qualms about calling THAT spade a spade.  I know some faculty
who would interpret that fact as "not cut out for college."  For me, it is
the beginning of  aconversation about purpose, about values, about life
conditions, and about change.  Sometimes what changes is me.
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